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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Our History

With 100 years of combined experience AMC Design and Manufacturing offers a level of service and experience unrivaled in the gravure printing industry.

A Storied History of Manufacturing Support

A native of Hall, Austria, Walter Kern came to the United States in 1968 to oversee the installation of post-press equipment for a Swiss manufacturing company. The success of this installation led to a second at the Providence Gravure, in Rhode Island. 

During the second installation, Walter met his wife Marjorie and, shortly thereafter, left his position with the Swiss company to become a maintenance machinist at Providence Gravure. In his spare time Walter not only mounted and tuned skis for a local ski shop, but also worked to earn his U.S. citizenship.

In 1971 Walter founded Austrian Ski and Machine.  Over the years the business of custom design and manufacturing for the gravure industry expanded and the ski repair portion of the company were phased out. Austrian Machine Corporation (AMC) is his legacy. 

In the 30 years that he served as president of AMC, Walter Kern developed many unique press, folder and reel conversions. Walter also earned a patent for the AMC 2000 Variable Print Unit Conversion, a gravure press conversion system that modernizes older print stations. Walter's commitment to excellence lives on in his company, which has become a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom designs and consumable replacement parts supplier for gravure printing facilities, film manufacturing, and all types large manufacturing companies throughout America. 

The secret to AMC's success over the past four decades has been its people.  Walter Kern and his wife  Marjorie’ s worked diligently to build a company that makes employees feel like part of a family... and they succeeded. Employees not only stay with the company, they grow and advance. With nearly 100 combined years of experience, the current leaders of AMC offer a level of service and experience that is unrivaled in the precision manufacturing and reverse engineering.  

Today Walter's legacy lives on with the help of his son Kurt W. Kern, son-in-law David J. Machado and the great team that makes up AMC Design and Manufacturing.  Kurt and David are prepared to introduce AMC's experience in custom design, project management and OEM replacement parts programs to manufacturers across the United States of America. 

We service RI, MA, CT, NH, VT and ME.


Walter Kern Marge Kern AMC Founders
Walter J. Kern and Marjorie M. Kern
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