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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Equipment Overhaul and Machine Rebuilding

Equipment Overhaul and Machine Rebuilding

Remanufacturing saves you 40 to 70%.
It's that simple.

AMC has the experience and capacity to bring your valuable used equipment to like new condition.  Our dedicated Assembly Area is specifically designed to overhaul large equipment, You’ll save months of profitable production. Remanufacture takes far less time than new machine delivery.

Eliminate a huge capital outlay,  instead write off your rebuilding costs as an in-house expense rather than a capital expenditure. Ask your comptroller.

Your old machine is still a valuable asset. Older machines have bases of heavy castings that have aged and are already stabilized. No foundation or installation will be needed. This alone could save thousands. No training time will be needed. Your operators and maintenance people are already familiar with what you have. Use your existing inventory of spare parts.

Your machine will be restored to “as new” or better. Our engineers can redesign to improve your production results, increase reliability and minimize downtime.

We don’t just rebuild - we manufacture.

One call to AMC is all you need.


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