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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Engineering And Design

Reverse Engineering Services

You supply the drawing or sample part.
We lower your costs. It's that simple.

If you can supply part drawings or samples, AMC will supply you with a quotation.  For almost 50 years AMC has been providing OEM Parts reverse engineering services for to our customers.  AMC has extensive Standard and Metric experience and a proven process to insure the proper details and tolerances are established and recorded properly.  AMC will establish a data base specifically for your parts and even inventory parts based on an annual usage.  

We take existing physical parts and assemblies and creating CAD models and detailed toleranced drawings.  This allows you to make improvements to an existing design and improve reliability and longevity.

The data that is collected and CAD modeled, can be used to troubleshoot, reproduce, study, analyze, inspect, or can be applied to other future applications or product enhancements. 3D CAD models can be easily updated for changes in the product design and/or tool or die design. Tools and dies can even be generated by using the surface models created by our 3D reverse engineering services. 

AMC has been performing reverse engineering services and projects for decades. With AMC at your service, you will no longer be handcuffed by the OEM.

One call to AMC is all you need.


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